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How to become a better at learning things


Perhaps one of the best methods to increase our success and capabilities in life is through learning new things. However, while learning might be a major factor in one’s life, not many people have the insight to achieve their goals when it comes to discovering new things. This is especially true since most education systems are only focused on providing people with technical knowledge and fails to provide them important concepts such as passion-driven careers and goals. Various psychological studies have shown that good learners are more likely to become successful in life and better at achieving their goals as well. This is partly due to the fact that it’s a procedure that enlightens an individual and provides with an informed perspective of approaching challenges in life. Here are some of the top tips to becoming a better learner:


Practice make perfect

One of the notable aspects when it comes to learning is that you have to understand that practicing over and over will help you master a particular concept or skill. For instance, you can only be able to master all the concepts of college algebra are you practice consistently and learn from your mistakes. There is a strong co-relation that exists in between individual who practice consistently and their overall success levels in life. A good suggestion for your practice needs would be to work with a mentor to help guide you through the entire process.

Develop a good mindset

Furthermore, another important factor to consider is that you have to develop a good mindset. Simply put, you need to understand that you can use one of the best methods of learning is by making mistakes. More so, developing a good mindset means that you have to incorporate certain values in how you carry out your learning procedure. Some of these values include hard work, diligence, patience and passion among many others. All these values are all made much more efficient when you have a positive outlook on things, and you know that you can meet all your educational goals.

Learning never stops

More so, it’s equally important that you understand that learning is a continuous procedure that never stops. This is because knowledge and information are constantly evolving and reshaping how we perceive and understand things in life. By realizing the learning is a continuous procedure, you can be able to master new things and concepts at any time. This means that you have to keep on reading new books, watching tutorials and even investing in good seminars every once in a while. In this way, you can keep yourself updated on some of the latest information and concepts available out there today.


Taking all the important factors into perspective, learning is an important aspect of life, and it, therefore, plays an important role in our lives. By understanding some of the major concepts that are required for optimal results, you can become a better learner and achieve various goals with efficiency.

Learning to Play the Drums


I have been drumming for about 8 years now and people always ask me where I learned to play so well. None of my family ever played the drums and I have never had any formal lessons. I am completely self-taught and I would love to explain what I believe are the keys to starting out on the drum set.

When I was just starting in 6th grade, the first thing that I made sure I mastered was my grip. I learned the traditional grip and the American grip. Traditional grip is done anchoring the end of the stick in the crook between your thumb and pointer finger, and resting the middle of the stick on the inside of your 4th finger. You would use your middle finger for control and most of the movement is done in the wrists rather than the hands. Traditional Grip is great for drumming when you are using a lot of snares. The most common grip in drumming is the American grip. American grip is done by spinning the stick in between your thumb and the side of your first knuckle on your index finger. You then bring in the other three fingers for control on the end of the stick. Some people like to use traditional grip in their left hand and American grip in their right, but it is most common to see drummers use matched American grips in both hands.

Once you’ve got the grip down you should just play around on the snare and try to develop some rhythm. Practice some 5 stroke rolls and paradiddles. You can find some great examples of both these stroke practices online. The snare is usually the most used piece of the drum set, so it is imperative that you learn how to keep a nice rhythm on it.

The next thing to add to your practice routine is the bass kick. Learn a simple rock beat by alternating bass kicks on the first and third beats and snare hits on 2 and 4th. Once you can keep an alternating rock beat with both the bass and snare, then start spicing the beat up a little. Add two bass kicks or maybe 5 stroke rolls in the pace of the single beats. This helps you to really build confidence in your ability to keep a rock beat.

Now comes the most important wall that you need to get through on the way to becoming a great drummer. The most difficult step to get through is adding the high hat to you rock beat. This means you will be playing three different pieces at the same time but on alternating beats. Many aspiring drummers find it easy to sync the bass kick and the snare but have a hard time adding the high hat or ride cymbal and keeping the beat up. It usually takes a lot of practice and discipline to teach your body to be able to play three different beats at once, but once you breakthrough, the rest is easy. After learning to put three instruments together, from there you just start messing around with the speed and style of the rhythms you are playing. With time and practice, you will find that you have become a very capable drummer.