How to learn a guitar


A guitar is a stringed musical instrument that is played by plucking or strumming with the fingers, thumb, fingernails of the right hand or a plectrum. A guitar is usually inwardly curved on the sides and has either six or twelve string. This instrument falls under the category of fretted musical instruments.


Types of guitars.

Guitars fall under two groups i.e. the acoustic and electric guitar. The acoustic guitar can be played anywhere because you don’t need an amplify to play it whereas the for the electric one you will definitely need one. However, the latter is most preferred for beginners since it is easy to play. Additionally, one doesn’t need to press the strings too hard while playing the electric guitar.


How to learn guitar

The most crucial thing for one to keep in mind is that the right posture and hand positions will always give you the right sounds. It is also important to understand that handling the guitar in a proper manner makes it easier for one to quickly learn how to play the guitar. A guitar can be strum by a pick or by fingers.

Proper way of holding a guitar

  • Place the forearm of your right hand on the body of the guitar.
  • Rest your palm lightly on the bridge on the guitar.
  • Cross your legs if sited to push up the guitar a little bit. This gives you a little bit of freedom of space and allows you to be very flexible.
  • Push your neck guitar slightly forward. This ensures that your left hand also known as the fretting hand is holding the fretboard correctly.
  • Sit straight behind the guitar without leaning over check where your fingers are holding. These give you a good posture that makes it easy for you to play the guitar.
  • Remain loose, comfortable and relaxed so that you sound better while playing the guitar.

Where your hands should be

Left hand

  • Continually ensure that you put the middle figure of your fretting hand down and close to the ends of the fret leaving a right amount of space between your palm and the bottom of the guitar neck.
  • Always ensure that you are using your figure tips when pressing. Don’t press too hard just press as much as you need.
  • Press hard enough and push down your figure slightly in the second half of the fret to get a good sound.
  • Ensure that you place your thumb vertically halfway the neck of the guitar.


Right hand

  • Ensure that you place your right-hand parallel to the strings of the guitar especially if you are using an electronic guitar.
  • Hold your pick between your thumb and either one or two figures.
  • Use the alternate picking method by making down and up strokes on the strings.
  • When strumming makes sure that you are making wrist motions and not elbow motions.


It is also important to learn how to memorise the notes of open strings as well as those on the fret board. This makes it easier for one to learn how to play a guitar,